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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All Things Family

I read quite the post and thought I would share. It only took me about 12 hours to look at all these fun blogs linked to this one. Enter at your own risk!

Welcome to the February 23, 2010 edition of the All Things Family blog carnival. This week, we focused on frugal and money-saving ideas. If you have an article that you would like to submit for a future edition, please check out the All Things Family Blog Carnival.

Frugal Ideas for Parents:

Jessica Hill, one of my favorite dollar store crafters, presents mad in crafts: Make crayons with dollar store molds posted at mad in crafts, a good use for those cute novelty molds they always have at the dollar store.
Here’s a fun and frugal idea! Abigail Bailey presents Make children’s play furniture from milk cartons posted at

Shannon presents Low Cost Party Planning Solutions posted at Partyelf, saying, “Here are some low cost solutions to planning a great birthday party for your child,” and provides ideas for Personalized Party Favors on a Budget posted at Partyelf, saying, “Getting personalized party favors for your child’s birthday party does not have to cost a fortune. Here are some low cost ideas starting around $1.”
Speaking of parties, Char Polanosky sent us ideas for 5 Ways to Save Money on Kids Party Decorations posted at Celebrate It, saying, “Creative ways to stretch your birthday party budget!”
Char Polanosky presents Making Kids Lunch Fun with Bento Box Lunches posted at Raising A Healthy Family, saying, “Save money by packing your kids lunches in fun bento style containers.”
Linette G. presents some super cute cupcakes  How To Train Your Dragon~Viking Hat Cupcakes posted at The Kid’s Birthday Fun Review, saying, “These cupcakes are quick and easy, perfect to make just for fun or for a How to Train Your Dragon Party.”

Family Potluck:

Mariana Ashley presents 50 Incredible Ikea Hacks for College Kids posted at .
Pamela Jorrick presents Personality posted at Blah, Blah, Blog, a discussion of personality types and how they apply to her.
Gina @ MoneywiseMoms presents Guest Post: Retirement Savings for Stay-at-Home-Moms posted at Moneywise Moms

Karen Eisenbraun presents Plant A Garden For Healthier Children posted at Healthy Theory.
Fred Lee presents Your Public Library: Better than Disneyland posted at Parenting Squad

Sandra Lopez presents 80 Awesome Ideas for All Your Old or Unwanted Books posted at Online

Dana presents An encounter with owls posted at Roscommon Acres, a blog about a nature walk with her children and what they found.
That concludes this edition.

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