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Monday, March 1, 2010

Wall Art Display

 As the thought of an upcoming foster child continues to cloud my mind I was thinking of the ways I could encourage and foster lots of self esteem for the little person God brings us. Displaying and showing we are proud of this little person I know will be so important so here's a little post from How Does She blog. She has some great tips for displaying artwork and I'm sure there will be lots of it around our house! 

How Does She display kid’s art?  I knew I could find a few ideas, I had no idea I would find this many!!!  I am excited to present all these awesome ideas – I am so inspired to get my kids to make more art, just so I can display it!

 #1 Collage It

way to display kids artThis is Alison’s idea to take lots of art, shrink it on the computer and put it into one collage.  Child’s art 18 into 2!

#2 Group together on the wall

I love this idea because it is so easy to update whenever you want and it looks GREAT!
kids drawings as art
 The Style Files shares this picture.  I love all the colors against the white wall.    You can get these curtain holders at Ikea, not online, unfortunately, but if you live by one – lucky you!
work of art lofn
 The Land of Nod
art on wall
display kid art 2
display art magnet wall
display art photo
Cookiemag suggests taking pictures of the art and grouping the pictures together into a display on a cork board

#3 Treat it as art

This frame allows you to easily switch pictures and even store some behind the most recent art being displayed
art display zebra
Blissfully Domestic has a great tutorial on displaying framed art.
art on canvas
Turn it into art on Canvas!!!  This is one of my favorite ideas – pretty much anything on canvas just looks classy.
mykidsartoncanvas has the idea above on their website, you can order from them

get it for free at Canvas People – click here!

 Turn it into custom wall paper art, a laptop skin, or a removable sticky picture at SticViews - You can still get one free – see this post to find out how!
Turn doodles into a real work of art - Lizette from Fine Doodles display art fine doodles.jpgdoes some amazing work with your kid’s doodles – you gotta check out her website!

#3 Take it with you and show it off!

display art jewelry 1
Analiese will turn it into a clay pendant for you
art display silver
or Totally out of Hand will turn it into silver or gold jewelry! 
display art bag
Snap Totes will turn images into bags or pillows – picture your kid’s art on the bag above.

Little Birdie Secrets has a tutorial on how to turn you child’s drawing
art display monster 1
into a stuffed toy
art display monster 2
I made one for my son and he thinks it is the coolest thing! 

Other ideas I found but don’t have pictures for are:

shrink and mod podge onto coasters
Use clipboards as frames – easy to change out
hang them all over your garage walls
use them for wrapping paper
display on picture ledges
upload them to a book printing company and have a nice book of art
laminate them and use as placemats
turn them into a calendar – click here to see how to get a FREE ONE
 cover your coffee table w glass and slide drawings underneath
use a plastic tablecloth over your dinner table and slide drawings underneath
have them made into postage stamps
cut up and use as gift tags

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