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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello Neighbor, What Do You Say? It's Going To Be A Happy Day!

Hey friends, this one is a free tag and quick how to for giving your neighbors a little gift. We know our immediate neighbors pretty well but a resolution for the year is to get to know all the neighbors on our block so here's fun little tag and idea to do just that. You really don't need some snazzy tag to go out and just talk to your neighbors. I am well aware of this but if you are going to make the effort to go over you might as well make them something yummy to let them know you're just glad they're there. Anyway here's the sweet little stuff from joy ever after blog. Enjoy.

love your neighbor…

…by giving them muffins!
//UPDATE The muffin boxes were purchased from The Container Store. Thanks! //
Last weekend I put together this little project and delivered it to my neighbors. These muffins are my absolute favorite, lemon & blueberries. I use any excuse to make them whenever possible.

For anyone interested in making a little treat for your neighbor, I am including a download of the cards I made. Nothing is more fun than giving a bribe to get on your neighbor's good side.

To get the downloads click here please and scroll tot he bottom and click on this picture. 

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