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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Wreath

Check out this REALLY cute and chic wreath. I just love the creativity of some people. I call them brilliant. I probably will not get to do this one this year as Halloween is only a few days away. Then again I have been known to do crazier things. I guess we will have to see. But a Christmas one would be just what the doctor ordered.

Just too darn cute and may I suggest, if you do not already have one, to get a circle cutter. I think I got mine by Martha Stewart (love her products) at Wal-Mart for around $8.00. I use it quite often and it has plenty of different options for circle size. Eventually I think I will get a happy little scalloped circle puncher when I come up with some extra funds. Until then it will have to be simply circles.

You can find the how to right HERE. And I found this happy little craft at Brixton Lane. Aren't her colors she uses just beautiful?! This is a new blog I found but you can be sure I will be subscribing to it.

So pray for me today because I don't think my wonderful co-teacher will be coming in today so I could have 14 little people by myself. But it's all good and I just hope she gets better and I hope it isn't swine flu. I love being with the little people and teaching them. They are only 4 and we are teaching them the -at family. You know bat, cat, mat, rat. They love it and they are so excited they are already 'reading.' I am a BIG fan of the Hoover County method of teaching phonics. My sweet co-teacher actually helped develop it so I would say I'm pretty blessed to learn it all from her.

We will be acting out the account of Mark 6 where Jesus sent out the disciples 2 by 2 with some specific instructions. They have so much fun living out the stories and I want them to be more than just stories, ya know! Then there's a folk story from the country of Haiti and we will be making some cute shoes to remember the story.

Can you tell I get just a little excited when talking about my little friends. I don't have kids yet so I get to pour God's word into these little people in the interim. Yay for God's Word!

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