Too Many Good Things Out There Not To Share Them With You!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too Many Good Things Beginning

Ok, ok, ok. So there are 'too many good things' that I find daily not to share with my sweet friends. So I'm starting this little blog to send great websites, products, crafts, free stuff, and tutorials your way so get ready for the fun to begin.

I tried to figure out the best way to circulate all these wonderful things I find out of the -too many to count- blogs I follow. So if I have ever told you about this great blog I found or this great craft I found now you will be able to find it...we'll you should be able to find it. I can't remember who I told these great discoveries to and who I haven't so violia - Too Many Good Things Blog!

So here's to all the fun things I find and all my WONDERFUL, TALENTED, AMAZING, CLEVER, AND OF COURSE GORGEOUS friends God has given me to share with. Here's the first thing I'm posting and there are much, much more to come!

Candy Bar Covers from Skip to My Lou (one of the best sites out there for oh so cute ideas and pretty inexpensive)

Don't those make you just want to eat whatever is inside. Ok, ok, it helps that it's chocolate but this would be a great little thing to do with kiddos or a class (like my 4 year olds). I think they're just too cute and not too spooky.

These Halloween candy bar covers are such a simple, inexpensive way to make candy bars festive.
For the mummy, stick 2 wiggly eyes at the top of the candy bar, wrap white crepe paper party streamers around the candy bar. Fasten with some tape. Done!

For the bat, print out a template and cut the bat out with black construction paper, add eyes, tape the ends of the candy bar wrapper to the back. Place candy bar inside bat and wrap the wings around the candy bar and fasten with a piece of double stick tape or a glue dot.

Candy Bar Wrapper Bat Template Download

Happy Halloween Tag Download

We're going to use these this week as we study noctornal animals I think and send them home after our super fun fall party in our class! I'll try to remember to post some pictures.
So happy halloweening (yes, that IS a word) and enjoy this as a gift for someone else or yourself. And Long Live Chocolate!

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