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Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 Cute and Super Easy Crafts

I have had quite a day. I went to Talladega Super Speedway today for the AMP 500 with my parents and Mr. Phillips. It was actually so much more fun than I thought it would be. I do have to admit we saw Alabama's finest there. Like people yelling out "alcoholism, woo." Pretty sad huh? It wasn't all that way though so it was pretty fun! We got the tickets free from a friend and I have been trying to get tickets for like 4 years and God totally sat them in our lap. We WON'T pay $70 for a ticket to almost anything. So they were an early b-day gift for daddy-o! We had great fun.

So on to the good stuff. I found two really cute projects. The first is fabric covered clothes pins from My Three Silly Beanz and the other is a photo mat re-do from MaxxSilly.

The first, the fabric colored clothes pins, is so cute and easy. All you need are clothespins, 3/8 wide ribbon/ribbon scraps, mod podge or spray glue.
OPTIONAL: round magnets & hot glue

Here's how you do it.
  1. Measure ribbon and cut to fit on top of clothespin
  2. Throw on some mod podge or spray glue
  3. Set ribbon on mod podged/spray glued clothespin
  4. Slap on another layer of mod podge or just let it dry if you used spray glue
  5. Let dry
OPTIONAL: glue a magnet on the back

So very easy, right? You can find an entire bag of clothes pins at the dollar tree to do this cute project. Us them to clip up little people's art in a cute way or use for a super cute chip bag holder. The possibilities are endless. 

The second, the photo mat, requires some yellow 5 x 7 photo mats (via our trusty dollar tree) and cute scrapbook paper to your liking. You will also need an x-acto knife, scotch tape, scissors, cutting mat, ruler and a frame. All pretty inexpensive.

Then to make you follow these easy instructions.

  1. Put the scrapbook paper under the matting on the cutting mat. Put the scrapbook paper face down so you can trace a line if you need. 
  2. Use your x-acto knife or scissors and cut or use a rotery tool and do it super quick. 
  3. Use double side tape and tape the four corners of the scrapbooking paper to the matting. Use more if you need it. 
  4. Place with a great photo in your frame. 

Love it! I'm making the second one for someone for Christmas so they make great gifts too. Happy crafting!

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  1. Thanks for posting my mat re-do on your blog! I hope your Christmas gifts come out great!