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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh How I Love Pottery Barn

Yep. I have a feeling you love it too. I love Pottery Barn. I love the feeling you get when you walk in the doors of the store. I love how clean and light everything is set up. I love every detail they put into their rooms and silly me to think any of my rooms would turn out like them. I wouldn't actually get to live in them if that were the case. Sigh.

I like Pottery Barn even better when I can recreate their fantastic ideas for well, much, much less than what I would buy them for. So here's something s-u-p-e-r cute from a sweet little blog called mad in crafts.

She is doing something called "A Dollar Barn Christmas" where she is doing fun things from The Pottery Barn with items found at the Dollar Tree. She has been able to pull off this look found in Pottery Barn.

With just some ribbon to look like this.


Isn't it fantastic. I am totally getting pics from past Christmas celebrations to put in my frames. I think it would look really nice with navy matting too. Navy happens to be my favorite color! I think it's good for almost any season. 

All you need to do is glue the ribbon to the inside of the frame like so. 

Super easy right? I think so. In mad in crafts she says to use Grosgrain Ribbon but I don't see why satin ribbon couldn't work. So have a happy time going down Christmas memory lane with your sa-weet new photo frames.


  1. I love this trick! This is actually what I did with the giant pic from the wedding that's over our bed. Got a Walmart Poster Frame, had WM print it as a poster, and picked 3 different ribbons (yes, you can layer them!) for the mat!

  2. I never thought of layering it Jessica. Thanks for the tip!!!