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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family is Gone but Tags Are Here

This weekend has been crazy and fantastic and exhausting all at the same time. I really wish my family could stay for like a month but I know, I know - everyone has to go home eventually. I'll be traveling to Africa with Four Corners Ministries in four days so there are lots of things to be done. Along with all the fun my dear friend Kayla is coming over to spend the week while her husband is out. I love family and friends. I would have people over at my house all the time if sweet Mr. Phillips would let me. He needs man cave time though.

I found a really cute gift tag tutorial that is SUPER easy to do. It even uses a program most of us already have. Thanks to Life in Grace blog. I can only try to describe the feeling when I find a easy, creative way to say 'you're the best' or 'I love you' or "Happy Anything." They're so cute.

So here it is:

The following is a pic-tutorial of how to create your own labels in Microsoft Word.
A few words to the wise:
1. Print on plain paper first
2. Use solid sheets of “label paper” {so they will be stickers--that you can cut out in your desired shape}. Be sure you get ink jet paper for an ink jet printer or laser paper for a laser printer.
3. Make your margins smaller so you can squeeze more on a page

**(Tutorial says to do the above but I like using the avery labels that are 2'' to make it quicker and easier. These are just my quick steps) 

Start by inserting a shape/object onto your document and then size it according to your preference.

  Other ideas for this fun little sticker. I'm making some pronto!

I like the tags too. If you have any other ideas to use them for feel free to comment.

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