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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Publix Miracle

Today I took a little trip today with my mom and dad, Judy and Bill, and sweet Mr. Phillips to the local Publix. Can you believe all of them even came with me on my shopping adventure? I love my family.

One side note first. I L-O-V-E Publix. When it comes to using coupons and the staff being all around great they are the best. They really do make shopping a pleasure. Thank Big P!

Back to the story. So I had spent a little time preparing my shopping list, clipping a few coupons and printing any coupons that I found online. Then it was shopping time. I sent everyone on their missions for specific items like a strategic general. In case you are not on the coupon band wagon we're always stopping for new riders! I use a site that is truly amazing. It is called Southern Savers. I am entirely amazed by how much I save. What the fantastic people at Southern Savers do is compile a list of sale items and buy one get one free items along with coupons to use with them. These coupons are both in the Sunday paper and online. They include where to find both with the list. I know, you are amazed already. But wait, there's more. They aren't limited to Publix. They do a few other grocery stores, most not in our area (sigh), and drug stores. I have yet to really be able to get fantastic savings at drug stores but I'm pretty determined to save more moolah to use elsewhere!

Well today was a day that will go down in frugal Phillips history. Publix paid me to take some cookie dough off their hands. No typo there. They paid me. Woo hoo! I can hear the applause now. Please, please, no autographs. With manufacturers coupons and a great Publix in ad coupon I was able to get out of Publix $.39 richer. A little Publix miracle. I got a total of 12 ready made frozen cookie dough sheets for Christmas and other occasions for more than free. Can you see my ridiculous smile now?

I have gotten things for free at times but I have never been paid to buy groceries. I usually set a goal to save as much as I spend. So if I get $100 of groceries I try to only pay $50. I don't always make my goal but it's really like a competition with myself. And I am very competitive. I still work from a happy budget but another great thing I forgot to mention about Southern Savers is they tell you how much something will cost after coupons. For a math genius like me that deserves a high five!

I don't spend hours clipping and finding coupons so that's not required to save. Just wanted to share with some friends who love to see the total go backward at the end of your Publix visit with all those sweet coupons!

Oh! And don't forget to fall back. Another hour of blissful sleep is straight from the Lord!


  1. What week and section of coupons did you get your great cookie deal?

  2. It was this week. And I used the $1.25/1 printable from the site and the Publix $4.00 off 4 general mills products coupon. They let me use a few of the last coupon. Hope you get the good deals too!