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Monday, November 16, 2009

Best Recipe Website Ever, Really

To take a small break from crafting I wanted to share with you all a great recipe website that I swear by. It's called All Recipes.
I know there are fifty thousand different recipe websites and they are all good in some way but here are a few reasons why I really love this site and use it often.

1. It's really easy to navigate through the website. You can find anything with a few short clicks.

2. You can register and the really easy tool bar next to each recipe is a tool bar that you can customize the recipe, add the ingredients to a shopping list, print, share, and add to your virtual recipe box.

3. Probably my favorite is how you can change the serving size and they will automatically adjust the amounts of each ingredient. Pretty fantastic if you ask me!

4. There are reviews from real people and lots of people. The people in the reviews tell you how they changed the recipe to make it different and maybe better.

5. They have fun holiday tabs with loads of fun recipes and such.

Those are just the top five reasons. There are lots more features and it's mucho fun. Sometimes I get a little lost in everything but I realize what I can actually make in a 24-hour period. I get a bit carried away at times, can you tell? So have fun looking around.

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