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Sunday, December 13, 2009

All Those Christmas Cards

Every year I get wonderful Christmas cards from family and friends. I really like Christmas cards. They are simple and while they're not necessary, it's at least a way to stay in touch with people over the holidays. My grandmother had 15 children so you can imagine trying to keep up with everyone. So we send out a little Christmas card and newsletter to feel a little more connected. So when I was on one of my favorite sites Dollar Store Crafts I found a great idea to use those 101 Christmas cards that have been collecting.

So here's how: 
Project Estimate:
  • 3 greeting cards per house, on hand
  • Battery-operated tea lights, 2 for $1
  • Tissue paper (optional), on hand
  • Tape & scissors, on hand
Total: $.50 per house (unless you prefer unlit houses, and then this is FREE!)

It's even look on well by all the tree-huggers of the world. Now who wouldn't love decorations like that?

1. From your stash of cards, find three that are identical in size. If you have to trim a couple to make them all the same, be sure to save the scraps, as you can use those to make your window panes.

2. On one card, cut out a small window on each side. On the other card, cut out a window and a door. Cut down one side and top of a long rectangle for the door, being sure you can fold it to the side to make it look like it's half way open.
 3. Using card stock or your extra card scraps, make window panes on your window openings. Tape the pieces on the inside of the cards. You can tape sheets of tissue paper if you'd like as well.

4. Tape the two cards together from the inside to create a box shape. 

5. Cut the third card in half along the existing crease and tape each half to the sides of the box. Attach the two pieces together to create the finished roof.
6. To make my houses look cute and whimsical, I put tape on the top corners of each roof.

 7. To create a snowy effect, place fiberfill around your card houses.

8. I also tried lighting up my houses by putting in an enclosed tea light candle. To make things safer, I think I would put in a battery-operated tea light candle instead. It looks so pretty at night!
Have fun if you have time to make this. I think we will do it while I am in Knoxville with the rents. Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

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