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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shameless Endorsement

Don't you just love your friends? I love that I have a good number of friends that if I called right now and asked for something they would be there and do everything in their power to help. I count myself as blessed beyond measure for this. It's hard not to have family close by and I know that will be more true than I know once the kiddos start showing up. I thank God for the support and love I have from the people who are a part of my church. They really have NO idea how they reflect Christ to me and show me how to be a good mommy when the time comes.

Soooo I have one such friend that is FANTASTIC. She really is beautifully talented and is a huge part of our preschool ministry while raising 5 children and has started a little sewing business that has really done so well. I know she's super woman right? She should feel that way anyway. Her name is Kristy Wilder and she has started a business called Twinkie Boutique. She sells boutique style clothes and accents. Can I tell you how much I love her creations! She is really a wealth of creativity. So go check out her blog and get something for your little people!  

Isn't her stuff amazing? And this is just a little taste. So here's to my shameless endorsement. Love you Kristy! Oh! And Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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  1. I love you too Andrea! Thank you for the shout out! Have a Merry Christmas friend.