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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Such Cute Personalized Photo Magnets

Photos are so fun, right? My sweet husband is a documentary photographer when he isn't blowing me away with his mad graphic design skills. So you can imagine our house has quite a few photos in it. Our computer has thousands. This one is one of my favorites. There's just something about capturing an important moment or communicating so many words with a single image. Photos are emotional, stale, amazing, appealing, fascinating, and at times ironic. They are iconic to those they capture and keep a piece of history for the person taking the photo and all those who take a look at it afterward.

So that's where these really easy, frugal, and chic photo magnets come in. I found them over at Vanilla Joy.

This is a great idea to give as a Christmas gift or anytime gift really. I'm thinking I will give these to a few sweet family members who love photos as much as I do.

Just buy yourself a little sheet of magnetic canvas $5 for an 18''x24'' from Roberts Crafts. Just pick a pic place it on the magnetic sheet, trim and you're done. I think I will do mine with names on the pics with some scrapbooking stuff. Lots of fun to you and don't forget to have a little fun this holiday season!  

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