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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anytime Dessert Trays

LOVE this idea from tatertots and jello. I can't wait to make a bunch of these for every holiday and season. Can you see why my mother says I overdo a good thing? Now if only I had a place to store all these things. Hmmmm.......

Valentine Project: $2 TIERED Dollar Store Tray

I had so much fun making my Dollar Store tray that I decided to make a tiered Valentine-ish one too. Although I like it so much I think I will use it all Spring and maybe Summer too! It's so bright and happy looking!

If you want to make one, here are the trays I used from the Dollar Tree:

I pretty much followed the steps I used making the first tray, which are found HERE. I cut the paper into strips , but I didn't want the top and bottom trays to be too matchy-matchy, so I mixed it up a little.

And I added feet just like I did to the first tray, although I painted them off-white instead of black.

I also used a little silver candlestick that I had laying around. I was going to paint the candlestick, but I like the shine it gives the tray so I left it silver.

Also -- I wrapped a pink striped ribbon around the underneath of the top tray where you can see the paper edges. I meant to take a picture of that, but forgot. I will try to take one tomorrow and update it.
I am excited to use it on Valentine's night to put my dessert on. So fun!

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