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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have been wanting to do one of these for a while now. I knew I should be able to make one for myself and found a cute tutorial done by what looks like a high school kid? Check out her pics behind her in her photos. They made me laugh. So here is her post and I warn you there are a LOT of pictures so it may seem a bit long but if you are good at scrolling -- no worries.

Here's the goal:

Sorry about the mediocre tutorial, it’s my first try!

I've seen these all over for 30$+, so I tried to make my own!
I found out after making about 8 that you can buy premade “hat pads”, but uh, this is way more fun and original

you need...

-black thread (color varies, depending on if you want it to blend in or not)
-small/medium feathers (i got mine fairly cheap from, but there are plenty of companies that sell them)
-backing fabric (leather seems to work best because it's sturdy)
optional - a thimble might help if you have sensitive fingers/a hard time pushing through the leather and feathers
you want to cut a teardrop shape about 4 inches (or whatever size you want it to be...) that's even on both sides (fold it in half it helps)

Thread a *really* long needle. It’s a lot easier to not have to worry about running out of thread while doing this, and to not have to change thread. You should probably double the thread too, because it’s more supportive.

Pull out a big pile of feathers!

It’s easier to use ones like this that are fairly flat on the top

Lay a long, flat feather with the end facing the pointy side of the teardrop, and *important* curved down! You need the whole finished pad to curve towards your head, so you always have to face the feathers in a frown on the fabric.

Stitch right next to the base of the “stem” and over. Do this a few times around the stem in a few different spots. It also helps if you can sew one or two stitches actually into the base, but it can be hard to pierce.

It should look something like this. Keep in mind that the bottom will be covered up, so it doesn’t matter much if it looks messy

Lay two more feathers around the sides in a fanning out shape, and tack them down as well. (The same way you want the pad to be a frown lengthwise, you want it to be a little curved down widthwise as well, so try and find feathers that accommodate this)

Add three more feathers in a fan on top of this, lining the middle one up with the first feather you did, and covering the stitches. Tack them down too!

Keep adding more feathers in the fan layers

since I already made 4 or 5 already, I decided to change feathers and do a multicolored one, but normally you’d just keep layering until you reached the end, getting less and less feathers each “row” until you have just one with the “stem tip” matched up with the point of the teardrop

here’s what my finished one looked like

Once you do all that, you can attach it to a pin, clip, headband, or whatnot
I ran out of headbands, so I don’t have a tute of how to put it on the band! But I can put one up as soon as I get more headbands (if you do want to make one, I suggest fabric headbands for sure, I got mine from joyce leslie for really cheap)

Here’s some pictures of the headbands I’ve made though

And some clips Tongue

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help!
Happy… feathering!?

ok, so I finally got my stuff together, and took some pictures of gluing it to the headband, + a few new headbands I've made. For this, you need a hot glue gun, a few pins, a sharpie, and obviously, a headband (fabric works best)
hope this is what you needed!

line up your feather piece where you want it on the band

pin it down so it doesn't move too much

trace around the outside of your headband

pulling from the non pinned side, glue it down! Pull out the pin, and dab some on the other side as well

cut out another teardrop and glue it over the top so it's secure and so that your threads don't show


so, here's some more I've done recently. I bought some long feathers and tried experimenting w/ some layering, but there's one regular one too
excuse the disgusting faces on my part...

( think this kind of looks like a claw?)

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