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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just in Case

One of my favorite new things to do now is make my own candle holders. I posted this before but just in case you didn't get it I have a second post here from how to be awesome blog. I don't really care for the zebra theme just cause I'm not into that but your creativity could run wild on that part.

DIY Candleholder

A few weeks ago when I was suffering from a broken heart, I threw myself into crafts instead of drinking; fancy that! I’m so grown up! So here is a pair of candleholders that I made:
First, I started with candlestick holders and cup-ish things I got at Dollar Tree.

I glued these together using E600 glue. (I hate this glue because it is smelly but it is nice for this because it doesn’t dry right away so you can move the cup around on the base if it’s not centered on your first placement).

I took some tissue paper that I had lying around and decoupaged it to the outside of the cup. Despite its modern flair because of the zebra print, I think it still works with my other non-modern decor because of the neutral colors.

Then I glued a piece of teal ribbon around the top and glued three maroonish buttons to the ribbon. The pictures don’t really do the color justice, I swear they don’t look as jettie-ish as they appear in the photo.

I placed tealights in both holders. The total cost for these candleholders was around $6–you can’t beat that and I don’t think they look cheap.
I was originally going to do this with scrapbook paper but was glad I had tissue paper on hand because the light really shines through on the tissue paper.

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