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Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Sized Fun

I have to admit I have not watched one stitch of the olympics this year. I know, I know. They're important and I haven't exactly had the most free time in the world in the past few months minus a trip to Anniston, AL. So I'll catch the highlights at some point and until then at least you can have a little olympic fun yourself.
Go for the gold with these Olympic medal cookies!
By Cindy Hopper

Make your favorite cookies and gather some gold foil, patriotic ribbon and hot glue.

Wrap cookies in the gold foil.

Fasten with a drop of hot glue, making sure not to touch the cookie. Attach ribbon to back of wrapped cookie with hot glue.

Finish off back by gluing a circle of the gold foil on top of the ribbon. Kids might want to embellish the front with a picture of their favorite sport.

Get fired up with an Olympic torch!

Draw around the end of a toilet paper tube in the center of a small paper plate.

Pierce center of plate with scissors and cut slits to the edge all the way around the circle.

Cover toilet paper tube with gold foil and then glue plate to top of the tube by folding cuts into the center of the tube. (This takes a generous amount of glue stick)

Stuff red and orange tissue paper into the center of the tube.

Let the games begin!

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