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Friday, February 19, 2010

If You Didn't Get Enough

So here is another one I thought I would show you guys and I'm convinced now I need to make these. I'm heading to the dollar tree first thing to see if they have any of these sweet trays for real!

Dollar Store Serving Tray Tutorial

Why am I so fascinated with the Dollar Store? It's truly amazing to me that everything in there is just a buck. I get a little mesmerized when I'm in there... 

I picked up a couple metal pizza pans a few weeks ago, thinking that I could do something fun with them. As I was going through my kitchen cupboards the other day I discovered that I really don't have many serving trays and I thought -- why not turn one of those pizza platters into a serving tray? I was going to make a Valentine's one, but wanted to use it all year -- so made it match my kitchen. 
I thought it would be cute to add some little feet to the tray so it sits up off of the counter. I have a box of old knobs from when I switched my knobs out in my kitchen. So I grabbed a few of those. But you could probably find some at a thrift store too. I also added a couple dainty little drawer pulls (from an old dresser redo) to use as handles.

Here's what I did:

  • I flipped the pizza pan over and measured where I wanted to put the feet. I measured the space between each foot as well as the distance diagonally across the sheet. They all ended up being 6 inches. Then I marked the spot with a black sharpie.

  • Then I picked out 4 different black and white papers to use for the projects. I cut 4 inch strips of paper. I had to cut the paper diagonally in my paper cutter so that the length would be long enough to cover the pizza pan and go over the sides.

  • Then I Mod Podged the paper onto the pan. I started at one side. I laid the first sheet of paper over the side of the pan to see where I needed to place it. I made a little mark with my sharpie on the edge of the paper. I trimmed the edges of the paper so that they mimicked the edges of the pan - -leaving about an inch longer than the edge of the pan. I made little cuts at the edges of the sheet so that when I flipped the edges under that they would lay flat.

  • Then I applied the mod podge. I put a layer on the pan itself and another layer on the back of the paper. Then I layed the sheet on the pan with the edge where the sharpie mark was. I smoothed it down using an old credit card. I used my fingers to smooth it down over the rim of the pan and around the side of the edge. (you need to put mod podge around the side to the back of the sheet). I continued pressing with my fingers over the edge of the pan and flipped the pan over to smooth down the edges on the underside.
  • Note: At this point, only put Mod Podge on the underside of the paper -- not the outside of the paper.
  • Then I applied the next strip of paper, doing the same thing.
  • Once all of the paper was applied and wrapped around to the back of the pan, I let it sit until the Mod Podge dried.
  • Once it was dried, I put a layer of Mod Podge on the top of the paper. I found that this cuts down on the bubbling. 
  • Once that layer of Mod Podge was dried, I sprayed the sheet with polyurethane spray. This will make it so you can wipe down the platter. I put 3 layers of polyurethane spray on - letting each layer dry for about 15 minutes in between coats.
  • While the polyurethane was drying, I painted my old knobs black. I applied two coats and let them dry. Once the paint was dry, I applied 2 coats of polyurethane spray and let that dry.
  • Once the polyurethane was dry -- about an hour after the last coat, I flipped the pan over and applied the black knobs to the pan. I used Gorilla Glue and it is awesome stuff! It takes about 2 hours to dry so I let it dry overnight.
  • The next morning I applied a very small amount of the same Gorilla Glue to the handles on top of the tray and let those dry for a couple of hours. And I was done!

And, for a buck --- how could I go wrong??

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